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Since 2008, MathTV has provided a free library of instructional videos, covering math problems from basic math through calculus, to instructors and students of mathematics. Each problem is worked out by several tutors (including math students!), so students benefit from seeing multiple approaches, and they gain confidence in learning from their peers. Almost every problem has at least Spanish-language video recorded by a native speaker.

Yes, the library of instructional videos on MathTV is always freely available. Educators who need even more resources for their classes can explore solutions at our sister company XYZ Textbooks by visiting

Multiple videos for each math problems are provided, so that students can choose the instructor they prefer (including Spanish-speaking instructors). Each instructor offers a slightly different approach and strategy for problem-solving, allowing students to really connect with a peer-tutor and thereby gain confidence in doing math.

Although you can practice many of the math problems on MathTV (by clicking the purple practice buttons), you cannot, at this time, track your progress. Our sister company, XYZ Textbooks, offers progress tracking as part of their XYZ eBook service, which you can learn about at

Although the MathTV video library is freely available, we ask that you do not attempt to embed or otherwise integrate our videos in your LMS/website/app. Instead, please contact our sister company, XYZ Textbooks, to discuss integration and licensing options.

We are committed to making MathTV accessible to the broadest possible audience including individuals with disabilities. In developing the MathTV website, we have made best efforts to meet the accessibility standards set forth in Section 508 of the ADA Rehabilitation Act.

If you find that any material on our website interferes with your ability to access information, please contact us (or send an email to:

To ensure that the MathTV website can continue to serve our visitors' needs, the MathTV website underwent a complete reengineering in October 2023. While this technology refresh was essential to the ongoing development of the website, it did, unfortunately, obsolete sharing links created prior to the refresh. If you are an educator, and you regularly provide MathTV sharing links to your students, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help.

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