MathTV is currently down.

Dear User,

Our site, was the victim of a malicious code injection. We think a bot was able to gain access through a security hole in our installation of Apache, the web server that runs MathTV, but we can not be sure at this time. Unfortunately, the bot caused links on MathTV to redirect to inappropriate sites.

The site is currently offline while we investigate in more depth. There is no indication that any user account or password information was taken from the site. We do not store any credit card information on MathTV and all passwords are encrypted.

We are working with IT security professionals to secure the site, remove any malicious software and identify any other potential security holes before restoring access to the site for our users.

We appreciate your patience as we to bring the site back on in a stable and secure manner. We anticipate being back online later this evening.


Pat McKeague
Product Manager